Vicot Solar Technology Co., Ltd is a new energy product manufacturer headquartered in Dezhou of Shandong province. We are capable of advanced research and development of a number of environmentally-friendly products including, gas fired absorption heat pump/gas heat pumps, solar parabolic trough collector, solar absorption chiller, solar steam boiler, solar hot water boiler, solar hot water unit, solar boiler, solar energy air conditioning units, solar heaters, and solar water heating units. Our solar energy powered products are suitable for providing hot water for everyday use all the way to industrial thermal applications.  Not only we manufacture outstanding equipment, we also employ an amazing professional after-sales service system that enables local agents to remotely inspect and diagnose your products so that they can be quickly repaired if need be. Vicot is a forward looking enterprise that hopes to provide you with excellent new energy products and services.

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Our Range
    1. Solar Boiler
    2. Solar Boiler

      Vicot’s solar boiler is a solar thermal utilization system that uses a parabolic trough reflector to collect solar energy, heat the medium and transport heat energy.

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    1. Solar Powered HVAC Heating and Cooling System
    2. Solar Powered HVAC Heating and Cooling System

      The solar powered HVAC heating and cooling system consists of a solar energy parabolic trough reflector, dual energy absorption cooling and heating heat pump unit, central control system and thermal energy storage unit.

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    1. Gas Absorption Heat Pump
    2. Gas Absorption Heat Pump

      Vicot’s gas absorption heat pump system uses natural gas as a clean driving energy. It uses MR717 as the refrigerant, and water as the absorbent, then, using a fin heat exchanger, it can extract the low grade heat energy from the air.

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Solar System Key Parts
  • Parabolic Trough Reflector

    The reflector is also a key part of the parabolic trough collector, Vicot makes it with quality glass at high shape precision with silver coating for excellent reflectivity, and 6 different layers in total, as shown in next diagram, insures high reflectivity, durable life time and strength.

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  • Vacuum Receiver

    Vacuum receiver is one of the key parts of solar energy system, it is made of three main parts: glass shell, stainless steel evacuated tube solar collector, soft sealing device, the stainless steel solar collector is available in selective absorption of coatings and between the evacuated tube solar collector and the glass shell is the vacuum.

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  • Accumulator

    Under the same temperature drop, latent heat storage features higher energy storage capacity and lower temperature change as compared with sensible heat storage and being simpler in operation and energy storage control and with smaller volume as compared with the thermochemical storage.

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  • Central Controller

    Central controller works collaboratively with the solar tracker and slewing drive, which can depend on the setting to achieve automatic solar energy output, it uses PLC control system, compatible with R485, to realize remote control.

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Vicot Group

Factory Location: Hongdu Road, Dezhou Economic Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province

Add. (Imp. & Exp. Office): A1, 4th Floor, Building 2, Shuntai Plaza, Jinan Innovation Zone, Jinan City, Shandong
Tel: +86-531-88255580
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